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Big3 Evolution Client Conference

Big3 Evolution recently held its first client conference at the SYSPRO Offices in Sunninghill, Johannesburg.

The theme for our conference centred around: What’s Next…?

Why did we choose the phrase ‘What’s next…’?

Imagine a life where we had all the answers and all the time in the world to implement them?

Imagine a day at the office where you would never have to prepare yourself mentally for the day ahead because you already knew what the day would hold in store?

The phrase, “What’s next?” is often discussed amongst our team. Usually in a forward-thinking, optimistic context, but sometimes whispered with a sigh…

We placed the What’s Next phrase into context for our guests, starting from where the idea for Big3 originated, to how it has evolved over time to where we are now.

Our conference included a keynote speaker, Stef Du Plessis.

He kept our audience captivated with his first-hand knowledge on employee engagement and culture, and focused mainly on the post-COVID working environment.

Stef is a master of deduction, who provided the audience with an employee’s outlook post-COVID and coming to terms with what normal has transcended into for them and their ‘kidney recipients’.

SYSPRO features and functionalities

SYSPRO provided a demonstration of the functionalities and features of SYSPRO 8, which most of our guests were not familiar with before the conference.

Watch the short video below for an overview of the Big3 Evolution Client Conference.

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