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Into the Cloud(s)

Do you fully grasp the concept of Cloud ERP and the benefits it holds? If it is still a bit of a mystery, let's unpack some of the benefits so you can see why you need to get your head into the Cloud, and sooner rather than later. Basically, Cloud ERP means that your Enterprise Resource planning system is deployed (or hosted) in the Cloud, or online in more basic terms, rather than on-premise. This means that the service is increasingly flexible and scalable and makes it very adaptable to the current, rapidly changing demands and needs of businesses.

Cloud ERP enables the manufacturing environment to have connectedness and real-time visibility of all their data (internal and external) that have an impact on operations. With this in place, organisations can better anticipate and react to disruptions in the supply chain. Moving to the cloud offers significant cost savings by not needing extensive hardware and software resources. It is an easily managed and navigated system that provides solutions and visibility in real-time and dramatically reduces costs because there are minimal maintenance costs involved. The main benefits of Cloud ERP are as follows:

  • Collaboration and accessibility for improved efficiency and productivity that allows integration of processes, and connects departments for better communication and better visibility across the board for more efficient decision making.

  • Scalability for supply chain agility, adjusting rapidly to your requirements as your company grows

  • Customization and integration for evolving business needs without the downtime usually associated with upgrading hardware

  • Reduced operational costs for strategic advantage with significantly lower operating costs

For a comprehensive overview of the SYSPRO Cloud ERP solution, click here.

If you are interested in collaborating and competing on a global level, improving operations and processes and perhaps even exploring new business models, contact us to see how we can help move you over to the Cloud with SYSPRO Cloud ERP.

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